Speedball - Drawing Fluid & Screen Filler


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These two high-quality Speedball products work together to create a painted stencil on your screen and are ideal for use on designs that feature detailed hand-drawn images or those possessing a “painterly” quality. 

Use Screen Filler to block out areas that you do not wish to print, or use it in conjunction with drawing fluid for tusche-resist and positive screen printing methods.

Use with screen filler for a tusche-like or positive screen printing technique. Brush drawing fluid on all areas you desire to print and let dry. Then spread screen filler over the entire bottom side of the screen and let dry. Finally, the drawing fluid can be washed away with cold water, allowing for the area to be printed.

Both products carry the AP Seal and Speedball’s Screen Filler is easily removed with Speedball’s Speed Clean to reclaim the screen or any bleach based cleaner (bathroom spray cleaner).     

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