Kama Oil Sticks Set of 8

Kama Pigment

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Kama Oil Sticks Set of 8
Kama Oil Sticks Set of 8

Basic set of KAMA artists’ oil paint sticks; contains 8 colors in the smaller 15ml format plus one support to paint on.

Each set contains, one 15ml stick of the following colors :

BH-IN0045-A   Prussian Blue Oil Stick Pb 27
BH-MI0005-A   Yellow Ochre Light Oil Stick Py 43
BH-MI0020-A   Burnt sienna Oil Stick Pbr 7
BH-MI0065-A   Mars Black Oil Stick Pbk 11
BH-MI0070-A   Titanium White Oil Stick Pw 6
BH-OR0005-A   G.S. Phthalocyanine Blue Oil Stick Pb 15:3
BH-OR0037-A   Naphthol Red Oil Stick Pr 170
BH-OR0055-A   Hansa Yellow Medium Oil Stick Py 74
+ AC-BT0100 Gessoed 1/8" thick Russian plywood panel, dimensions : 15x18 cm

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