Kama Oils Set of 8 Tubes

Kama Pigment

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Kama Oils Set of 8 Tubes
Kama Oils Set of 8 Tubes

Professional set of KAMA artists’ oil paints; contains 8 different colours in 37ml tubes, plus one gessoed panel.

Each set contains, one 37ml tube of the following colours :

PH-100280-P   Mars Black Oil Paint
PH-100330-P   Titanium White Oil Paint
PH-100390-P   French Ultramarine (RS) Oil Paint
PH-200505-P   Cyan Blue Oil Paint
PH-300585-P   Hansa Yellow Medium Oil Paint
PH-300770-P   Naphthol Red Oil Paint
PH-300830-P   Alizarin Crimson Oil Paint
PH-400910-P   Indian Yellow Gold Oil Paint
+ AC-BT0120 Gessoed 1/8" thick Russian plywood panel, dimensions : 16x29 cm


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