Kids stuff

Develop creativity and learning with your kids whilst making arts & crafts. Here are some of our favourite supplies to help keep them busy.


Drawing Pads

These activity pads have ample room to draw and contain 25 different learning prompts. 

  •  100% recyclable and made with 100% FSC certified materials
  •  Water-based adhesive and vegan-friendly ink
  •  Meets Sustainable Packaging Guideline (SPG)
  •  Part of Micador’s green eARTh collection 



With a few options to choose from, why not let them paint with these fun sets & brushes. The Bubblegum Brushes are ideal for 2-4 year olds. With a chunky handle for an easy grip and a large, sturdy ferrule for easy cleaning.

  • Fully washable - so no stains!
  • Thick, specially formulated to not drip. & fluid consistency paints. 
  • Paint can be used with fingers or a brush.
  • Contains a bitter taste to keep paint covered fingers out of mouths.
  • Washes from skin with warm soapy water.


Stabilo Woody




We saved the best for last, these pencils are fun for both kids and adults! 

This chunky pencil functions as a coloured pencil, watercolour and wax crayon in one. It is ideal for numerous techniques, endless imagination, and features 10mm lead. Outstanding watercolour properties make it ideal for painting with. The highly pigmented, lead is not prone to breakage. Oh! And they're easy to wash, you're welcome!