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Cobalt-Zirconium Dryer 125ml

Kama Pigment

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Cobalt-Zirconium Dryer 125ml

Use this product to speed up the drying of oil paints or any siccative oil (stand oil, walnut, linseed, tung, etc.), use sparingly. Dropper is included.

The Cobalt and zirconium mixture provides a more uniform drying as cobalt dries the surface and zirconium dries the mass of the paint. Total concentration is 1.5 % by mass ; 0.75 % per drier the balance of the drier is our Izosol low toxicity mineral spirit.

Always make sure to mix the drier thoroughly inside the paint, oil or medium you are using it with, if you don’t there’S a very good chance you will get uneven drying.

• Safety data sheet: AC-SI0010_E.pdf

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